Midori…. (lots of pictures!)

I know, I know, I’ve really neglected this blog, and I honestly didn’t mean to but life got in the way… I’ll try and be better about posting and getting this blog up and running properly. *sigh*

To make it up to you, dear reader/visitor/follower/YOU, here’s a lot of Midori pictures I couldn’t resist sharing.

I’ve been using my Midori for a month-and-a-bit now and the cover is getting more and more beautiful. It was a stinky one at first, but some handcream and lots of holding it and stroking it solved that problem, now it’s getting that lovely ‘used’ look, with scratches and marks. Love it! The charm is from an old necklace, and it suits it really well, I think.

Midori-cover-1 Midori-cover-2 Midori-cover-3

I hadn’t done any drawing in it yet, so I figured it was about time I tried it out. I was a bit dubious about the paper, but it held up really well. Of course my paint wasn’t soaking wet, but still, really impressed. This is the plain paper booklet that comes with the Midori, not the ‘thin’ paper, but it’s much thinner than any paper I normally use, so chuffed with the results.



I suffer from insomnia sometimes, and while I don’t like getting out of bed during the night, at 5 am I just couldn’t cope any longer and went downstairs to have a cup of ‘sleepy tea’, and a moan in my Midori. I went back to bed after that and slept for  3 hours, which was longer than I had slept that whole night. Maybe I should’ve started off with a little Midori-moan before bedtime eh?


I normally write about things that have happened or are on my mind, but sometimes it’s fun to jot down memories. I took some pictures of old schoolpictures and wrote down a few things I remembered from when I was 7 and 8, being in school and playing with friends.


And then today, <a href=”http://rhomany.org.uk”>Rhomany</a&gt; posted a Polish idiom, basicly meaning ‘not my problem’.  That of course had to go into my journal, too!


I’m now just over half way through my journal, will of course do  a flip-through when it’s finished, but who knows, I might post some more pictures here before then.






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