My first month with Evernote

For a while now, I had been hearing about Evernote, which Wikipedia calls ‘a suite of software and services, designed for notetaking and archiving’.
Carie Harling mentions it a lot in her planner videos, I’ve heard Rhomany say she ‘puts something in Evernote to read later’. I wanted to learn more about it, so I signed up for a free account, giving me 60mb a month to play with, but as I set up the phone app I got a message from O2 that I could try it a Premium account for a year for free! Thank you O2! Now I’ve got 4gb a month!

But what would I use it for? I don’t have a large family, I don’t run my own business, I don’t have a million meetings a week to keep track of. Watching Youtube videos at first made it more confusing, but I dived straight in and set up a few ‘notebooks’ to try it out.

The Notebooks I use the most:
Medical: I have a thyroid condition and suffer from high bloodpressure, so take medication and go and see my doctor quite a bit. I keep a running note on all doctor’s visits (which doctor I saw, what the appointment was about, any advice or change in medication etc. etc.) what medication I’m on and when I’ve ordered more, bloodchecks I’ve had. I also set reminders for any new appointments I need to make.

Timeline: Things I like to keep track of or remember goes in here. When I last cleaned out the tumble dryer (and set a reminder for next month), household items that broke or needed replacing (like the laptop screen… oops…)or the day our water was chalky and undrinkable. The number of notebooks in this stack will more than likely grow as I use it, and will become more useful as I add more information.

References: Anything I think I’ll need again. In this stack of Notebooks I’ve got one for Evernote, where I keep links to blogs and Youtube videos explaining how to do certain things I haven’t tried yet or ideas for using Evernote, one for planning and productivity, which has things like the Christmas lists for the last two years and my braindump trigger list, and a general reference notebook where for now I keep the information for my future inlaws’ online shopping because that’s been a pain the last couple of times they’ve used it…

Evernote has got a lot of cool functions, but in this month, I’ve only used a few.

Sending emails to Evernote: Your Evernote account comes with an emailaddress, which means you can forward emails to your account and file emails to whichever Notebook they need to go in. You could also sign up for newsletters by using this emailadress. The emails will go into your Inbox notebook, and from there can either be deleted or moved to where you’d like them.

Sending pictures from your phone: Any pictures you take can be send to Evernote, with a description if you want to. It will go to your Inbox notebook or directly into the notebook of your chosing.

Evernote webclipper: an extra app that you can set up for your desktop version of Evernote, which acts like a bookmarker. You can clip URLs, whole pages or part of a page and add it to a notebook. Great for recipes and other references.

Right now, on the last day of my first month of using Evernote, I’ve only used 35MB out of the 4GB of storage space I have for this month. That’s just over half of what a free user gets, and it’s a LOT, at least it is for me. I doubt I’ll ever fill up 4GB worth or notes in one month, but you never know…

I’ll do another update in a few months, to see if and how I’m using Evernote then.


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