Insomnia Chronicles

I suffer from insomnia. It’s not as bad as some people have it, but bad enough to be more than just annoying. Sometimes, I sleep for an hour or two and wake up and can’t go back to sleep, or sometimes I can’t sleep for hours and hours and fall asleep at 7.30 am and sleep for an hour or two. And sometimes I don’t sleep at all.

Last year, I started journaling when I couldn’t sleep, and in May I started calling these entries my Insomnia Chronicles. I would just write and write and write about everything that was on my mind. Did it help? Sure. Did it make it easier to then fall asleep? Um.. yeah, no, not really…

A few months later, I mentioned to Tye that I might as well start filming these Insomnia Chronicles and he said, why not, but it wasn’t until I did my Every Day In May 2015 that I actually filmed my first early morning after having no or very little sleep.

This morning, I filmed a ‘proper’ Insomnia Chronicles. Let’s just hope there’s not going to be many more….


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